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Current and historic articles relating to the development of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan can be found below in date order (most recently added or amended first).

Please review and comment on the Shiplake Villages Neighbourhood Plan


It may not be the most pressing item on your mind right now, with all that’s going on in the world, but if you have some spare moments we’d very much like to hear your views on the Shiplake Villages Neighbourhood Plan. It is in its pre-submission consultation period which is currently scheduled to continue to April 21st (under review). Thank you to those who have already made their thoughts known. To access the 2020 Neighbourhood Plan, summary and questionnaire page CLICK HERE.

We appreciate there is a lot of content in the documentation for the plan, so we have created a 22-page cut-down version of the plan’s key points for you to review. The strong support of residents for the plan has been fundamental to its development and is also very important at this pre-consultation stage. After reviewing the summary of the plan material, as mentioned above, there’s the simple four question Questionnaire to record your thoughts and send them to us.

Thank you!

Note: If you’ve any questions or concerns please feel free to use the Shiplake Villages website FORUM and the team will respond.

Shiplake Parish Council

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Neighbourhood Plan pre-submission consultation starts


You may by now have received an email, picked up a leaflet dropped at your door, or seen the posters around the Shiplake villages announcing it’s time to review the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan. Follow the link from the HOME page to find the 3 documents that make up the plan, for you to review online. There’s also a questionnaire for Shiplake residents and other stakeholders to provide your views before the plan is finalised and formally submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council. The consultation goes on until April 21st. We very much look forward to hearing your views

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Survey Results June/July 2019


There were 144 responses, 124 from Lower Shiplake( LS) and 20 from Shiplake Cross(SX), of which 140 were via the website. The results demonstrate overwhelming support for the Neighbourhood Plan being  a criteria-based policy approach with 96% of responders in agreement and 97% support for introducing and amending policies in that context. There was unanimity of agreement across the villages.

With regard to the 10 new policy areas specifically referred to, the lowest level of support was 89% (building materials) with all others having 90%+ support.

Click here to view the summary of the results by question and by village. All comments received have been collated and are presented in the attachment. References to 'NO' means 'No Comment'. All the data is presented anonymously and any personal information related to the data collection process has been deleted.

The results will be added to the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) evidence base available on the website.

Many thanks to all that responded to the survey.

NP Steering Group.

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NP Update July 2019


Click here for the July progress update to the parish council in July 2019

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Shiplake Children Consulted on Neighbourhood Plan


Enormous thanks to Mrs Katherine Page-Howie, Shiplake Primary School Head, and her staff for consulting on the NP with the children and asking them for their views on: 

What they  like about living in Shiplake?

When not at school  what activities they enjoy doing  in the village?

What do they think needs improving in the villages and why?

Lots of interesting postive answers including such as: the playgrounds, wildlife, small, quiet and calming, cycling safely, peaceful quiet woods, country side walks, a good place to 'trick or treat', Corner Shop, the river and going to the Baskerville??

Many serious suggestions for improvements including traffic to travel slower, less pollution, less litter and dog poo,  improved roads, more activities available and, yes, a  'bigger sweet shop'...there has to be fun in life!

All contributions will be summarised and circulated as part of the Neighbourhood Plan evidence base.

A final short survey for residents 18 years and older should be available shortly to complete the information needed for the Neighbourhood Plan. We trust we will have an equally enthusiastic response.

Many thanks again to the school and children for their contribution to the plan. 

NP Steering Group

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NP Updates: March - June 2019


As outlined at the Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting in May, there have been significant changes  to Shiplake's proposed NP. You can view the ppt prentation by clicking on link:


You can check the progress of the plan in more detail by clicking on the link below to the Steering Group's updates to the parish council for March -June 2019: the current status of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan 


NP Steering Group


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Neighbourhood Plan Area Re-designated


The request to change the area to be consistent with current parish boundaries was approved on 3rd May 2019. This affects those houses and areas in Northfied Avenue,  Bolney Road and Bolney Lane, which were technically previously part of Harpsden until boundary changes in 2014. They were also included in the Joint Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan (JHHNP), which is in the process of being updated. Notices will be displayed on parish notice boards and on the parish website on the NP - Documentation page OR click here to see the SODC approval and Shiplake's Supporting Statement for the change. 

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Neighbourhood Plan Changes...Mission Impossible?


Many thanks to the 60+ residents who attended the APM to catch up on the status of the plan. For those that missed it, simply click below to see the presentation:


What is different?...no site selection, as per SODC's revised Local Plan, a focus on 'Constraints & Policies' in the context of rural villages, their character and landscapes, and the appointment of Bluestone Planning consultants to finalise the plan. You may see them taking photographs this week, whilst assessing the character of the villages. They have access to all the material on our website but if you have historic  material that you feel might be relevant then please let us know via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com

Mission Impossible? .....No. Yes, there have been bumps in the road, detours and a lot more besides but will you have the opportunity to give your views on the revised plan later this year? Yes.

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SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to Neighbourhood Plan!


A review of the plan with a different approach that will affect all residents. When? At tonight's Annual Parish Meeting 9th May at 7:30pm at Memorial Hall. Not to be missed and take part in Shiplake's 'Question Time' on this and other matters.

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NP Supplementary Survey Results


Many thanks to the 165 residents who responded to the survey ....over 90% of respondents did so via the website.

There were 165 responses: LS 136 (82%) and SX 29 (18%), reflecting the no.of houses and residents in the 2 villages. Over 700 residents responded to the major survey in 2017, which determined the most important factors in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, whereas the supplementary survey importantly sought to find any indications of changes in viewpoint in the 18 months since, in a short space of time.

Yes, there are shifts in viewpoint and you can view the summary of responses by clicking here: Supplementary  Survey Results 

Before you do remember what the Neighbourhood Plan is meant to achieve and the 2 questions to be answered:

 Q1 – Continue with the sites previously selected for development in the Neighbourhood Plan even if they are outside the built-up area (site on Plough Lane) to provide additional smaller, lower cost and affordable housing.

Q2 – Notwithstanding your answer to Question 1 above, have a general policy of sites only being selected within the built-up area of the villages.

The results together with specific comments from residents, in general terms, reflect the impact of the Thames Farm decision for 95 houses, inclusive of affordable housing, and the likelihood of more at the Wyvale site as well as other factors.

The NP Steering Group will be making recommendations to the parish council, taking account of the survey results, as part its monthly update. A full update on the Neighbourhood Plan will presented at the May Annual Parish Meeting.

We look forward to seeing you then.

David Pheasant - on behalf of Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire 'LIVE'


The short questionnaire is now 'live' until Tuesday 19th March  and we look forward to receiving your responses over the next 2 weeks. Please note we are seeking the views of all residents 18 years and older, who live within the parish of Shiplake, pre and post 2014 changes to the boundaries. To complete the survey simply click on the 'See here for details' link on the Home page Neighbourhood Plan feature.

The website is the preferred means of receiving and analysing your views. Some residents, however, may not have access to or use the internet on a regular basis. If so, you will be able to get a copy of the questionnaire at the Lower Shiplake Corner Shop, complete it and forward/post to the address provided by 19th March. Alternatively, for Shiplake Cross, a number of copies of the questionnaire will be distributed this week by a resident. If you require one and have not been in receipt of one, we suggest you make contact with the NP Steering Group on 07743 816515 and we will do our best to provide a copy. Again, all responses to be received by  19th March. 

Any queries make contact via: np2019@shiplakevillages.com

Many thanks to all volunteers involved with the questionnaire.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Neighbourhood Plan Final Survey Results Now Online


The initial survey results is one of the essential elements on which the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan recommendations are based. Available now is the Final Report with statistical analysis of the responses and a summary of the several thousand comments residents gave in the questionnaire responses.

The comments are a strong reflection of how people feel about Shiplake now and what they would like it to be....food for thought for the parish council and others, all of us, in shaping the future of Shiplake. 

Different viewpoints between the villages and postcodes are also mentioned where it may be relevant in Section 1 of the report. Comment analyis is in Section 2. Click here to start reading the 'Final Report' now.

We will be making available some hard copies of the report at the Corner Shop, butchers and the pubs. Please call in and borrow one ...read it over a drink?

Note: For the many residents unaware of the future the SOHA site on Mill Road... a community room is promised as the centre is rebuilt this year....good news!

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 

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Neighbourhood Plan Supplementary Consultation


Update: The short questionnaire, scheduled to be available this week, should be on the website tomorrow (6th March) with the response period ending 20th March (2 weeks). We look forward to receiving your responses.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Neighbourhood Plan Changes - We need YOUR views


SODC has published the latest version of the emerging Local Plan for our district. This impacts upon our proposed Neighbourhood Plan. 

A key change is that smaller villages such as Shiplake Cross and Lower Shiplake are no longer required to meet a 5-10% increase in housing numbers between 2011 and 2034. However, the district council still supports parishes that wish to include housing allocations in their neighbourhood plans to meet bespoke housing needs of the village or to deliver projects funded by development.

The NP Steering Group is in the process of revising the Shiplake Neigbourhood Plan to take account of these changes.  In doing so, we need YOUR views: answer the very short online survey available this week...just confirm who you are, where you live and answer 2 questions with the option of adding a comment if you wish. 

There is also a summary of the reasons for developing the plan....and there will be the opportunity to discuss our proposals at the May 2nd APM, shortly before they are presented for consultation. 

NP Steering Group

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NP Update February 2019


Click on the following link to update yourself on the current status of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan  and the anticipated timelines to deliver it via the link to the KEY TASKS AND CRITICAL MILESTONES

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Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Area Re-designation


Given changing circumstances and delays to our plan, the NP Steering Group and parish council have formally requested that the designated plan area should be changed at this stage, consistent with our current parish boundaries. Importantly, this will mean ALL residents will be able to vote in the referendum on the proposed plan.

Click on the links  to read SODC's public notice of the 6 week consulation period staring 1st Feb. 2019 and to view the re-designated plan area. Copies will be posted on parish council notice boards

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NP Updates: Sep 2018-Jan 2019 & Thames Farm Clarification


The brief update in December referenced 'living in interesting times with regard to SODC's revised proposed Local Plan policies and related decisions'. A separate direct email to residents, registered on the website (currently 650+), will be circulated shortly outlining changes that are being made to Shiplake's Neighbourhood Plan as a result. The why's, how and ways in which we will be keeping everyone informed and soliciting responses will be outlined. Our aim is to produce a  revised 'pre-consultation' draft of the plan by late Spring.

Click here to access the Neighbourhood Plan updates to the parish council for Nov., Dec. (2018) and Jan 2019 to gain an appreciation of the extent of the changes made necessary as a result of NPPF revisions (understandable) and SODC's changes in direction, which  delayed our plan. 

Clarification of why Shiplake's plan assumed attribution of  Thames houses? Not least because of misleading views expressed in the local press, click here for a copy of  the full statement received in April 2018 by Henley, Harpsden and Shiplake councils, clarifying the position, in accordance with current legislation. The key words are:

The development at Thames Farm was neither a Local Plan nor Neighbourhood Plan proposal, and as such the houses would be regarded in broad terms as ‘windfall’. I would suggest that they appropriately be counted or attributed to Shiplake.

The emerging Local Plan for South Oxfordshire directs development to market towns, larger villages and beyond through the settlement hierarchy according to its relative sustainability credentials. The focus is for development to take place at the identified settlement, regardless of boundary, which in this case would be at Shiplake.

Our views are made clear in the parish council updates available via the link above or by clicking here. 

David Pheasant - Chair, NP Steering Group & Parish Council


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Neighbourhood Plan Update: October 2018


Since the  May AGM and 'Pop up' discussion sessions at The Plowden Arms and The Baskerville, there has not been an update on the neighbourhood plan for residents. The summer holiday period did not halt progress. There has been considerable activity, including the completion of the Landscape and Strategic Environmental Assessments and the completion of the important draft pre-submission consultation  document, inclusive of  a 're-write' to take account of the Thames Farm 99 houses being attributed to the Lower Shiplake settlement. 

Currently SODC are reviewing the document, agreed by the Parish Council and Steering Group, with meetings and discussion taking place as required to ensure the plan conforms with requirements.  More information will follow shortly. In the meantime you catch up on specifics of progress and changes by clicking here ...  SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2018 UPDATES.  

David Pheasant - Parish Council & Chair, NP Steering Group

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Shiplake Community Space Project


Since the NP update provided at the APM, we have had many questions on the Community Space suggestions - what, how and why - particularly at the recent 'Pop Up' sessions. Will Stevens, the SG member who has developed the ideas and recent proposals, liaising with a leading consultancy  for such initiatives, has provided an article capturing the essence of the APM presentation with the possibilities outlined. The article is intended for the June issue of Shiplake News but given the interest shown you can read it now  by clicking here.

It needs to be emphasised that this potential project has been developed based on residents' responses provided in the Shiplake NP Survey (2017), many of which can be clustered under the heading 'How can we make Shiplake a better place?' and specifically Lower Shiplake in this case. (There are 4 potential parish wide projects, which will be presented in the Shiplake NP draft consultation documents and will be available shortly.

I have used the words 'suggestions, possibilities and potential' intentionally because that is what the projects are. With all such projects they will be influenced by resident feedback, due consideration  of all safety aspects and potential impact on local commerce and, yes, how they might be paid for.

David Pheasant & Will Stevens on behalf of the NPSG   

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Neighbourhood Plan 'Pop Up' Views + An Apology


Many thanks to all those who attended and gave their views at the Saturday 26th May events at the Baskerville and Plowden. These were arranged immediately after the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) update at the APM on Wednesday 23rd May 2018. The presentation is on the website Home page providing information on the proposed changes to Shiplake’s NP, resulting from the Thames Farm decision and SODC’s attribution of the 95+ houses to the settlement of Lower Shiplake.

The NP’s draft plan for public consultation is scheduled for June and the ‘Pop Up’ sessions have been valuable in gaining immediate feedback on the revised proposals.

The first look at the results asking whether residents supported or not the revised proposals is:  YES (33), NO (6) and NOT SURE (5). There were differences in emphasis and viewpoints in the responses between Shiplake Cross and Lower Shiplake, for the latter the Community Space being a big talking point. More details will follow shortly once the detailed analysis is completed.

Again, our many thanks for the opportunity to discuss your views in greater depth at short notice and on a ‘hot’ public holiday weekend. Our thanks to the Baskerville and Plowden for their hospitality.

An apology: a message inviting residents to the APM inadvertently stated the starting time for the APM was 7:45pm, in common with monthly parish council meetings, and not 7:30pm for the APM as stated in later messages/notifications. Apologies on behalf of the parish council for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

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Neighbourhood Plan 'Pop Up' Consultations Sat. 26th


The Neighbourhood Plan is reaching an important stage as the Parish Council is due to approve the Steering Group's (SG) recommendations on 11th June, which will then be followed by a 6 week'pre-submission' consultation period. Before then we are seeking the views of residents on changes we have made, following the decision by SODC that the Thames Farm housing development is most appropriately attributed to the settlement of Lower Shiplake.  

You can now access details of those changes, presented at Shiplake's APM on Wednesday 23/5/2018, here and on the village website Home page....better still, there will be 2 'Pop Up' Consultation sessions this Saturday 26th May hosted by members of the SG:

The Plowden Arms from 11am to 4pm hosted by Susan Mann & volunteers

The Baskerville Arms from 11:15am to 4pm hosted by David Pheasant & volunteers

Yes, it is a 'public  holiday weekend' and it is short notice but we felt it important to capture residents' feedback asap, giving us time to consider this before the parish council meeting on 11th June. This in turn will enable the council to better defend the parish against speculative inappropriate housing developments whilst encouraging what is best to meet housing needs for the community. 

We want to hear and record your views...we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. 

David Pheasant - Parish Council & NP Steering Group.

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NP Update at May APM on Wed. 23rd May


The Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is at Memorial Hall starting at 7:30pm. All the details are prominently displayed on the website Home page.

There will be major update on the Neighbourhood Plan, referencing the significant changes made as result of Thames Farm houses being included in the 'Shiplake settlement'; the development sites now being recommended, the nature of preferred future developments, how the Shiplake questionnaire guided the Steering Group's proposals and how the centre of Lower Shiplake might be improved.

Not to be missed, as we move closer to the submission of the plan for public consultation and review by the planning authorities. 

Shiplake Parish Council

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NP Update to Parish Council: March 2018


Following last month's detailed update, below is the summary of actions taken, outcomes achieved and outline of next steps and other considerations:
  • Technical Support request of  Govt. Locality agency, to facilitate delivery of the required  Strategic Environmental Assessment, has been approved and SG has engaged with their designated consultants AECOM. Draft Scoping Report received and anticipated duration of consultancy is 4 months, provided at no cost.
  • Similarly, request for consultancy for a complete review of the NP 'Evidence Base' has been approved by Locality for AECOM to provide these services, which will have a duration to be agreed but anticipated to be 4-6 weeks. Again, provided at no cost.
  • Update email on NP to all residents to be circulated week beginning 11/03/2018.
  • Meeting with SODC Neighbourhood Planning team on 13/03/2018 to discuss/clarify the no. of 'houses built or in process' that count towards our NP target of a min. of 33 new houses. Also discuss status of Shiplake Plan, timing of discussions re aligning NP areas with current parish boundaries, probably when JHHNP begin updating their current NP later this year, and the possibility  of benefiting in house number target terms from the Thames Farm development, as its greatest impact will be on Lower Shiplake.
  • Revised date for completion of the NP to be provided once progress made on the SEA.
  • Update on costs of NP to date provided separately

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Station Road Monitoring & Shared Space Initiative


The Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire shed light on a number of concerns from residents about traffic volumes, safety, and parking, particularly along Station Road and the Mill Road/Northfield Avenue junction. To help us consider some remedies consultants will be undertaking a traffic survey of this area, starting on Wednesday March 14th.

There will be three components to the survey:

  1. Video recording over a 12 hour period of all movements at the junction
  2. Observations every hour of parking habits
  3. A traffic volume and speed count on Station Road.

The study will fully protect private data such as car registrations and personal identities, and will be conducted by a specialist professional team.

If you will be travelling in the area over the next few days please carry out your business as normal, and please be nice to our surveyors. 

The team will be setting up cameras early tomorrow morning (Wed 14 March), in order to commence at 07.00. The counting strips on Station Road will be put in place Thursday.

Any queries please use  np2017@shiplakevillages.com or feedback@shiplakevillages.com

Will Stevens - NP Steering Group

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NP Update at February Council Meeting 2018


In order to keep residents uptodate with progress, attached is a copy of the monthly NP report provided at February's council meeting. The update has more content than usual due to the amount of activity taking place and inclusion of a level of detail for those residents who wish to have a greater insight into the process. This information will also be included in the published council minutes, in the usual way, later in March. Links are provided in the article to information presented at the NP Open Exhibition and referenced in the update. 

A link to SODC's HELAA Map for Shiplake is also available by clicking here. This was referenced in the council meeting and shows those sites that have been offered for development by land owners, independently of any NP activity. You will note some familiar sites on it e.g. Thames Farm, Wyvale and the proposed site for the Retirement Village in the middle of the 'green gap' between the villages of Shiplake.

Striking the right balance in the amount of detail to provide, and when and how, in the NP project is not a simple task. Too much or too little can confuse and this may be particularly the case in the attached update, when referencing the potential no. of houses that could be built on the specified sites, if any at all. I will be  providing an NP update in the coming week to all registered users of the website, which should answer questions you might have, and there is also access to the Q & A page on the website. (Click here for the NP Update)

David Pheasant - Shiplake PC & NP Steering Group    

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Retirement Village - Your Help is Needed


The developer has requested a Public Inquiry into SODC's refusal of the the original application (P16/S3438/O). Many thanks to the many residents who objected to the application supporting the parish council. An inquiry date will be notified in due course. What can you do now? See below.

The inspectorate is requesting further comment, which needs to be forwarded by 23rd February 2018. The parish council has resubmitted its original objection as there has not been any material change to the original application. It has added further comment perinent to the continued refusal of this aplication. One aspect is the strong views of residents, represented in Shiplake's Neigbourhood Plan, to protect the rural green gaps between the villages and in providing smaller more affordable homes for younger families. This accords with SODC's new Local Plan requirements. The proposed retirement village represents the polar opposite to such requirements.

A copy of the council's submission and also David Bartholomew's (OCC Councillor) robust case for continued refusal of the application can be viewed by clicking on the links below and used to register your own objection:

Parish Council's Objection     David Bartholomew OCC Objection

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will also be submitting their strong objections to the inspectorate. What can you do? Go to the link below and make sure your objections to this completely inappropriate development are made clear.


Alternatively, write to Kerr Brown, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/O Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. Remember this has to be done by 23rd February.

Many thanks for all your support in very strongly opposing this application...the developers have 'deep pockets' not least with large corporate involvement.

David Pheasant - Shiplake PC & NP Steering Group. 

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How valuable will a Neighbourhood Plan be?


New Builds are Coming:  The Battle in the Countryside

There will be a significant update on the progress of Shiplake NP after next week's parish council meeting. In the meantime, everyone might benefit from watching tonight's BBC2 programme on what is happening with new housing development close to us in South Oxfordshire. According to a developer/architect 'No one has a right to a view -unfortunately. Things change, and we have to get used to that in Britain.'...that's in part 2 next week.

The feedback from Shiplake's resident survey and Open Exhibition strongly supports the development of our Neighbourhood Plan in seeking to retain the rural nature of Shiplake. Whilst meeting SODC's Local Plan obligations for increased housing, with provison for younger familes, it is our best chance of avoiding major urban development in the parish.

Below is a summary of the 2 programmes....should make for interesting viewing!

“How do you mend the broken housing market? The country needs to build 300,000 homes a year just to keep up with demand. In this series, film-maker Richard Macer heads to one of our most expensive counties, Oxfordshire, where vast areas of once-protected countryside are being turned into housing. With remarkable access to councillors, developers, architects and campaigners, and filmed over nine months, Richard asks if building these vast estates is a solution to the crisis.”

31 January 2018 (and available on i-player afterwards - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09qmrsj):

“In episode one, Macer explores the controversial decision by the government to free up the green belt to developers. In the tiny charming village of Culham, he finds residents furious at plans to supersize their village to three and a half thousand new homes. But just a few weeks after the announcement of the new estate, sinister developments start to grip the small community. Has little Culham become the centre of a gold rush?”

7 February 2018 (& i-player afterwards - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09rf94t):

“In the second film, Macer is on the other side of the fence, with the architects and the developers who are changing the face of rural Britain, with the people trying to create a sense of community from scratch, and the pioneers making these new mini-Utopias their homes. As one architect of a new development next to the village of Long Hanborough puts it: 'No one has a right to a view -unfortunately. Things change, and we have to get used to that in Britain.'”


Article created / last edited: 31 January 2018

What Next for the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan (NP)?


We should like to thank you for your support and involvement with the neighbourhood plan to date, particularly the 300 people who were able to attend the recent public exhibition.

We decided early in 2017 that we should develop an NP, as the parish faced a very large number of developer led speculative planning applications for many hundreds of houses in a variety of unacceptable locations. This was due to the absence of a clear strategy on Housing and a deficiency in Housing land supply from SODC.

To ensure we met the requirements of SODC’s emerging new Local Plan for housing, requiring a minimum of 5% growth for smaller villages, we embarked on the production of the NP for the parish. Implicit in doing so is providing new homes to meet the requirements of the villages in locations preferred by residents.

Importantly, insofar as it is possible, the plan would protect the parish from speculative planning applications of developers to build whatever, wherever and however many they wish e.g the recent Retirement Village application on the green fields along the A4155.

We certainly want to avoid other Thames Farm scenarios by ensuring that we have a clear statement of where new houses can and should go as part of SODC’s adopted policy for the determination of local planning applications.

What follows is an important update on where we are now and what happens next. So far, developing the plan has involved thousands of hours of effort on the part of the NP Steering Group members. We would appreciate everyone taking the opportunity to update themselves on its progress. Any questions, check out the website and/or please respond by clicking on: np2017@shiplakevillages.com.  

Given the imperative to develop the plan, the Steering Group (SG) set itself a very ambitious target to produce it by the end of 2017, ready for public consultation, statutory review and, ultimately, for approval at a referendum for registered voters. Realistically we aimed to have an approved ‘made’ plan in the May/June 2018 timeframe.

How far have we got? The plan was on schedule to meet the end of year target. An unanticipated requirement has arisen, however, to provide a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Hitherto these have only been requested by SODC for sites or plans of 200 or more houses.

An SEA examines the impact of plans and projects and the different ways they can be achieved in the local environment. We await SODC’s decision on whether we require one and the SG is obtaining quotations for the task. The production of the plan has, therefore, been delayed by approx. 3 months to the end of March 2018, unless other factors further inhibit progress.

The SG updates the parish council on a monthly basis and all residents on the progress of the plan via the website. Best advice has been sought from SODC’s Neighbourhood Plan team along with their approval of our proposals.  The responses from the NP Survey Questionnaire, undertaken earlier in 2017, have also been extremely important in developing the recommendations within the plan. Click on the link below to access much of this information in the Council section of the website, with quick links to ‘Articles and Latest News’, ‘Documents’, ‘FAQ’s’ and ‘Forum (NP section)’: www.shiplakevillages.com/index.php?pid=339.

What has been done and what can you expect to see? This was summarised in the presentations at the two-day open exhibition at Memorial Hall in November, which can be viewed on the villages website and is covered in the November issue of Shiplake News with its Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Special Supplement.  You can also access this via the website link above or, perhaps, ask for one of the remaining copies from The Corner Shop or Keith’s, the butcher, in Lower Shiplake. Of the 300 residents attending the exhibition, 73% approved the plan’s recommendations. The SG is currently taking into consideration the responses from the Open Exhibition and additional ones received since, via email and the website. Again, the above link will give you access to the new website pages for more information.

Next Steps

  • To publish the Final Report on the Shiplake Village Plan Survey, including the analysis of the 5,000+ open ended comments received.
  • To complete the Landscape Character Assessment related to retaining ‘Green Gaps’ between the villages and Henley.
  • To commission a consultancy report on the potential for and viability of a ‘Shared Space’ initiative for the centre of Lower Shiplake.
  • To commission, as necessary, a consultancy report for the Strategic Environmental Assessment.
  • To obtain approval for SG’s final recommendations from the parish council.
  • To complete the Shiplake Villages Neighbourhood Plan for parish council approval and public consultation. 

Your support is essential to make the Neighbourhood Plan a success. Many thanks for all the notes of appreciation expressed in the questionnaire responses.

Our very best wishes for 2018.

David Pheasant - Shiplake Parish Council & NP Steering Group

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Neighbourhood Plan Special Supplement in Shiplake News


You can now view the special supplement electronically by clicking here: Shiplake News Nov 2017.

It is 4 page feature in the centre of the newsletter. It includes a full update on the current status of the development of the neighbourhood plan and references the successful Open Exhibition, held earlier this month, with  conclusions drawn from it and the resident survey in June.

Hard copies will delivered to residents in the coming week with the special supplement separated from the main body of the newsletter. Keep it for future reference as more information becomes available via the website. It should be easy to keep up to date on the neighbourhood plan in shaping the future of Shiplake.

The newsletter, of course, gives you the chance to catch up with everything that is happening in Shiplake as we enter the festive season.   

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N P Open Exhibition – Questions & Answers


All the information presented at the Neighbourhood Plan Open Exhibition has been made available on the website.  Residents also asked specific questions and made additional comments on the forms when registering their views on the neighbourhood plan proposals, the outcome of which was a very postive with 73% in favour of the proposals. These are being considered as part of the consultation process.  Many questions, particularly those of a general nature, can be answered quite quickly.

Click here to see those Questions and Answers. Also make sure you receive your copy of the November issue of Shiplake News, which will have a major update on the plan.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to email the Steering Group: np2017@shiplakevillages.com.

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Neighbourhood Plan Proposals Now Available!


The 73% level of resident support for our proposals, alongside the compliments on the presention materials and the level of information provided at the Open Exhibition, is strongly appreciated. Requests were made for access to the materials and content. It is NOW available in overview in a picture gallery on the website Home page and, if you click here, you can view the details in a pdf document. All this information has been made available to SODC and following their request, The Henley Standard. A comprehensive update and coverage of the event and our Neighbourhood Proposals will be featured in the November issue of Shiplake News. Not to be missed!

Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Positive Response to Neighbourhood Plan Proposals


Including visitors from neighbouring parishes, our local MP and press, over 300 attendees came to the Open Exhibition. Based on the 265 completed response forms, early analysis indicates 73% would support the proposals, 24% would not,  2% were unsure at this stage and 1% would not be voting at a referendum. The responses from residents across the parish were consistent with housing numbers in the two villages i.e. Lower Shiplake 83% and Shiplake 15% - 3% of responses were from non-residents.

The NP Steering Group can now take this positive response and, with the benefit of the views expressed in the completed forms, move onto the next stage of the development of the plan. The final proposals will hopefully result in an even greater positive response. 

Requests were made for copies of the presentation materials. These will be available on the villages website in the next few days, not least so all residents have the opportunity to consider the proposals in more detail. There will also be comprehensive coverage of the event and proposals in the November issue of Shiplake News. Not to be missed!

Many thanks to all those who attended, not least the volunteers who helped to make the event possible. Thanks also for all the positive comments on the event.

Watch the website for more!

Shiplake NP Steering Group.

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Invitation: NP Open Exhibition This Week


Most Shiplake households will already have received the leaflet inviting them to the Neighbourhood Plan Open Exhibition at Memorial Hall on FRIDAY (2:30pm to 10pm) and SATURDAY (9:00am to 6pm).

Should you be there? Do you care about Shiplake, the availability of housing for all ages, the rural environment and green spaces surrounding the villages, the traffic in the centre of Shiplake, the primary school and ensuring our local businesses thrive?  Do you want to ensure we can influence what and where houses are built, ones we need and must be built, or leave it to speculative developers to choose what suits them and, generally, not us.

The answer to all these questions is YES, YOU SHOULD BE THERE  this Friday or Saturday, whichever works best for you. We have proposals to conserve the character of Shiplake whilst improving the opportunities for housing for all families in the villages.



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How Many New houses & Where?


The Open Exhibition posters are appearing in Shiplake and the website home page features it too. Key messages and features of the proposed Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan will be featured in the days leading up to the event on Nov. 3rd & 4th at Memorial Hall. Take note of the dates and be there to discuss what the plan means to Shiplake and you. GIVE us your views on proposed development locations, the types of housing for development, new village boundaries and the new 'Shared Space' initiative.

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday or Saturday...whatever works best for you.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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The Future of Shiplake in YOUR Hands


Neighbourhood Plan (NP) 'Open Exhibition' Nov. 3rd & 4th

The proposed plans for the future - location of development sites, types of housing, development boundaries,survey feedback and new initiatives - will all be presented as part of the vision of the future for Shiplake's villages.

This is your chance to give us YOUR views before the NP Steering Group finalises its proposals for submission to the parish council and SODC as part of its new Local Plan.

It is incredibly important that we have your views -  visit the exhibition at Memorial Hall on:

November: Friday 3rd 2:30pm to 10:00pm or Saturday 4th 9:00am to 6pm

Members of the Steering Group will be there to welcome you and answer your questions.

Shiplake Parish Council

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Neighbourhood Plan: Initial Survey Results


Many thanks for the completed questionnaires and many new registrations on the website requesting to be kept up to date on the plan. Albeit we are midst the summer holiday period development of the plan continues, not least analysying the results of the survey. The final survey report is due later this month and will be presented to residents in September/October.

Responding to requests for an update on the results of the survey, you can click here to see 'An 'Initial Survey Results' interim report , providing an insight into trends emerging from the completed questionnaires.....focusing on the %'s tends to make things clearer.

The final report will have  a 'management overview' of the survey and its key findings including graphics for presentation purposes. 

NP Steering Group

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NP Questionnaires..A BIG Thankyou & Updates


There will be updates on the Neighbourhood Plan, Thames farm Inquiry and lots of other things in the June issue of Shiplake News. Enormous thanks to all those who completed the questionnaires and particularly the band of volunteers who distributed them to all the households and, in many cases, collected them too. The Steering Group can now move onto the next stages of the plan with the benefit of the views of the community...

Shiplake Neigbourhood Plan Steering Group 

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Your Opportunity to Shape the Future of Shiplake...


 The Shiplake Neigbourhood Plan Questionnaire will be delivered to you in the coming days and is your opportunity to shape the future of Shiplake. You may have many questions about the why, what  and how of developing the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan...what does it mean for you? The volunteer residents, distributing to and collecting the questionnaires from every household, will be able to help you BUT you can get many of the answers NOW by simply clicking here and viewing the Q & A briefing note for the questionnaire. You can also ask your question by an email to: np2017@shiplakevillages.com

Add to that by coming to the Shiplake APM this Wednesday evening (24th May) at 7:45pm at the Memorial Hall, when progress to date and plans for completing the neighbourhood plan by the end of this year will be presented. It is your villages' future...all questions are welcome.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

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Shiplake's Neighbourhood Plan Registered - What Next?


Shiplake Parish Council submitted an application to SODC to designate their neighbourhood plan (NP) area. Click here to view the SODC's notification with links to find out more on the application and what a neighbourhood plan entails.

Click here to view the map of the designated area.* 

What Next? There will be an update on the NP's progress at the Shiplake APM on Wednesday May 24th at 7:30pm. Most importantly we need the views of the residents on what the villages should look like in 2033. It is your views that count. Please make sure you complete and return the questionnaire when you receive it in a few weeks time - it is your villages' future and your opportunity to influence it!

*Some residents might notice that we are basing the plan on the 'pre-2014' parish boundaries. This is to ensure our designated area does not overlap with that of the Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan (JHHNP). The marginal effect of this will be clarified in a separate update....what is important at this stage is capturing the views of every household in 'Shiplake'.  

More information to follow...WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Neighbourhood Plan Chairman's Note to Residents


Click here to view the Steering Group Chairman's note to all residents, clarifying the objectives and considerations of the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan (NP) and how it will be developed in consultation with residents.

Find out how you can provide feedback and if you want to volunteer to help, then simply click on NPvolunteer@shiplakevillages.com or should you wish to make a comment then use NPfeedback@shiplakevillages.com

Please note that you may see Group members walking around the villages assessing various aspects of land availability and existing amenities servicing the villages. You may also meet volunteers, with 'Shiplake Neighbourhood Volunteer' badges, delivering questionnaires and asking questions important to the development of the plan.

Your views are important...please do not be shy in asking questions and making suggestions! 

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The Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan registration has been forwarded to SODC, over fifty residents have volunteered  to assist with the project and a Steering Group of fourteen formed. The group comprises a range of skills, important to developing the plan, with every effort being made to have a broad representation of the demographics of of residents e.g. age, gender, family unit, location, length of residence. 
The plan will impact all aspects of life in the villages in some form or another. The involvement of everyone is important and every effort will be made to keep people informed of progress via the website, newsletter, questionnaires and ultimately decisions to be made with a formal referendum.
WATCH THIS SPACE...there will be an update later this week outlining why we need a plan, its objectives, the process and what you can expect to see from the Steering Group.
One of the first items to be considered by the group next week will be: What is the vision for the future of the villages? There will be a range of views in the villages...let us know yours via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com

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Neighbourhood Plan Volunteers Meeting Wed.18th Jan.


The meeting is confirmed for 7:30pm on 18th Jan. in the 'Old Viking Room' at Shiplake College. An email to the 30+ volunteers will be circulated this weekend with more information.

Residents who may not have had or missed the opportunity to volunteer to be involved with creating the Neighbourhood Plan can do so by responding via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com. Just let us have your name, address and telephone no. and we will get back to you on how you can get involved.

Many thanks to Shiplake College for the kind hospitality.

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Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Established


Many thanks for the enthusiastic responses from the large number of volunteers helping with the plan and the proposals for those on the Steering Group, which was agreed at last week's meeting of volunteers at Shiplake College.

Whilst the parish council is sponsoring, supporting and closely involved with the plan, it is important that the expertise of the Steering Group also encapsulates the broadest possible representation of the demographics of the villages. In doing so we will deliver the most appropriate plan as quickly as possible. We have made an excellent start and will address those areas where an increased representation would be helpful i.e. Shiplake X residents and busy young families with lots of commitments. 

We will keep everybody updated via the website. Watch this space and do not be surprised if one of our volunteers knocks on your door to make sure we are getting your views. They will have a 'Shiplake Volunteer' Badge!  If you want to join the growing number of volunteers please let us know via feedback@shiplakevillages.com All residents are welcome. 

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Neighbourhood Planning Meeting... Next Steps


Many thanks to the 60+ residents who attended the meeting, the vigorous and constructive debate and the 35 volunteers, some of whom could not attend last night's meeting, who have already registered to help create the Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan. We will need lots of help and the widest possible involvement of residents in order to make sure we have a plan for the future of the villages, based on our vision and preferences and not that defined by speculative developers. If you want to join the growing number of volunteers please let us know via feedback@shiplakevillages.com All residents are welcome. 

The next step is a meeting with volunteers next week* to create the Steering Group and begin to outline the elements of our plan, timescales and how we start to deliver it.  

* An email will be sent to all vounteers confirming the date, time and location of the meeting.  

NOTE: A ladies black 'puffa' jacket labelled Minuet was left at the Hall last night and can be retrieved by contacting Roger Hudson, Parish Clerk on 07809 829628  

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Neighbourhood Plan Meeting..10th Jan @ 7:30pm


IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Producing a neighbourhood plan (NP) will be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. Having an NP should provide Shiplake with increased protection from speculative developers, whilst providing residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future of the villages. Discussions with SODC have confirmed the parish council's view that we should embark on the plan asap.

We look forward to seeing as many residents as possible this Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Memorial Hall. Tudor Taylor (Chairman, Shiplake PC) will outline WHY we should have a plan and SODC will outline WHAT a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is and HOW we create one. We will also discuss timescales and the formation of a Steering Committee to ensure we create a plan that residents will view positively, as with the Shiplake Villages Plan

Yes, an important meeting for ALL of us on Tuesday. Formal presentation will be kept to a minimum, we look forward to lots of interaction and support for this initiative. Our thanks to residents who have already volunteered to be involved and others who will want to do so.

Additional Note: Following a high level meeting with SODC, regarding the value of an NP and recent larger scale planning applications (retirement village, Mt Ida, New Road, Thames Farm etc.), the parish council will have an update on information received from SODC on these matters, during the planning section of Monday's Council Meeting (09/01,2017).   

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Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Meeting...10th Jan 2017


Many thanks to the 50+ residents, along with councillors from nearby parishes, for attending the John Howell MP clinic, which was lively with many questions on the key issue of 'do we need and should we have a neighbourhood plan (NP)?'

Producing a neighbourhood plan will likely be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. Having an NP should provide Shiplake with increased protection from speculative developers, whilst providing residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future for the villages. 

John Howell's answers to our questions were frank, appreciative of our concerns and supportive of our wish to embark on developing an NP. The community meeting for all residents to discuss an NP is now confirmed for Tuesday 10th January @ 7:30pm at Memorial Hall. We look forward to seeing you there and your contributions to the discussions. Our thanks to those who have already volunteered to help with the plan. You can volunteer before the meeting by responding to feedback@shiplakevillages.com...at least put 10/01/2017 @7:30pm in your diary/calendar.

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Neighbourhood Plan...Some Shiplake Residents can vote!


There has been a lot of comment in the Henley Standard recently and no doubt there will more prior to the vote on 10th March. A great deal of work has been done by the organisers and consultants, which should be supported with a vote in favour of the plan....but people have to vote to make sure. Some residents in Shiplake may be surprised to know they have a vote? Who? Those residents who were 'in Harpsden' before the parish boundary changes  in May 2015.

As clarified by SODC's Democratic Services Manager, Steven Corrigan, the position is as follows:.

'The referendum area has been designated, by the Examiner, as the neighbourhood plan area which is the parishes of Henley and Harpsden prior to the parish boundary changes. Therefore the parish changes implemented in May 2015 do not impact on those eligible to vote. Those electors previously within Harpsden will be entitled to vote and those transferred from Shiplake to Harpsden will not be eligible to vote. We are writing to all electors affected explaining the situation.'

The parish council strongly supports the neighbourhood plan....click here to see its endorsement in Sept. 2015.....and urges residents to cast their vote in favour, either at Harpsden village hall or Henley town hall (tbc) on March 10th. With a positive outcome the new SODC Core Strategy coupled with Neighbourhood Plan should ensure the desired housing is provided in the preferred locations. 

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