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The Corner Shop and Post Office of Shiplake

The Corner Shop is located in the heart of Shiplake near the train station, the Baskerville pub and the Shiplake Butcher.

Come say hello to Mark and Carol who have on offer a wide variety of goods including

A wide range of fresh local produce

Fresh Bread and Pastries

Locally made quiche

Fresh milk, eggs and dairy


Canned and boxed staples


Hours are 8 to 5:30pm daily / 8 to 12:30pm Sat and Sun

Call 0118 940 2932

Corner Shop


Lower Shiplake Tasting Day - 19/11/2016


Hopefully everyone has this Saturday in their calendar (9am to 12:30pm) for this always popular event with a seasonal flavour. All kinds of Xmas fayre from the Corner Shop - greeting cards, biscuits and lots more - The  Baskerville's Xmas puddings and wines - The Soap Garden and, as always, Keith's great hospitality....venison sausages perhaps?? Most things are available now, so no need to wait to take advantage of everything BUT The Tasting Day is a great way to sample the goods with friends and neighbours.

Article created / last edited: 10 September 2018