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Shiplake Vikings Rowing Club


We are a friendly club where you will be warmly welcomed to try out rowing on a beautiful stretch of the Thames, in a totally unpressurised environment, whether you are already a keen rower, or you have never tried rowing in your life.
Our 11 to 18 year old junior members are coached by a team of qualified coaches who are highly experienced in dealing with the needs of young athletes from beginners right through to GB squad candidates.  Well structured training plans are organised on and off the water several days each week, and the club is recognised by British Rowing, so safety and welfare concerns are properly addressed. The senior members look after themselves to a great extent, with pre-arranged or adhoc crews taking out quads, doubles and singles.
Shiplake College provides the boat sheds, the training rooms, and most of the boats and blades we use, though our own stock is also growing. Most of our activity is on Sunday mornings but the college equipment is also available at certain other times of the week provided that the college crews do not need it.
We participate in a variety of regattas and time trials throughout the year, but there is no pressure to compete if you are happy to simply enjoy a gentle workout watching the riverside wildlife with your new friends! 
The Vikings are always keen to welcome new members, so if you just show up at 8:30 on any Sunday morning (9:30 for Juniors) someone will be sure take you under their wing and show you what a great sport it is!  
If you would like to find out more before you arrive, please either email info@svrc.club or see our website at shiplakevikingsrowing.club 

Article created / last edited: 4 December 2017