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Flood Information

Station Road flooded

In the Winter we usually expect to be dealing with snow and ice but in 2014 we  had to deal with major flooding in the area. OCC and SODC have endeavoured to coordinate the various agencies, utility companies and emergency services as necessary. In Shiplake, as in many other areas, the issues were exacerbated by a shortfall in the service levels of these organisations, resulting in OCC convening a special summit to ensure we are better prepared for such flooding issues and to ensure improved responses in the future. 

Bolney Road 2014


The Parish Council has provided constructive feedback to SODC and OCC and will continue to work with the relevant authorities to make sure the village is served better in the future.

Shiplake Flood Alert


This was referenced in today's Henley Standard. Given the level of the Thames is rising and rain continues to be forecast, please take note of the flooding precautions the parish council provides on its website.....simply click on the link(s) below for quick access.
Further details and advice on flooding precautions you can take can be found by clicking here...please read them and know how to get help if needed.*
Monitor flood levels on the website using:https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/. Note there is new information available to access at: www.oxfordshirefloodtoolkit.com 
*Please note, the local resident contact information referred to has not been updated for over a year. It will be re-verified as contacts in the event of serious flooding.
Shiplake Parish Council

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Conditions have improved and the warning no longer applies at this time. Please take note that in the event of future floods, SODC no longer provide sandbags which have been incredibly useful in preventing damage to homes in the past. The website will be altered accordingly. 

It is sad to report that there have been no signs of Fred Lawson since he went missing last week. Our thoughts are with his family.

Shiplake Parish Council 

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Flood Warning & Person Missing


The EA has posted a Flood Warning for our area and advise residents liable to be affected by flooding to check the EA website. Reference the information provided on this section of the website and click here for flooding information https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/ and start to take the usual precautions.
A Forum entry references a resident, who went to check his boat, is missin, hence the helicopter presence this morning. Although the river level isn't presently a problem and is holding pretty much within the banks, as along Bolney Rd., everyone should take care.
The parish council's FLOOD ADVISORY INFORMATION  can be found by clicking here...please read it and know how to get help if needed.

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The parish council has updated its arrangements and contacts to liaise with local council, utility and emergency services. This will action the supply of sandbags to the community, attend to road and surface water flooding and assist the vulnerable in the event of flooding. Monitor flood levels on the website using:https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/. Note there is new information available to access at: www.oxfordshirefloodtoolkit.com 
Further details and advice on flooding precautions you can take can be found by clicking here...please read them and know how to get help if needed.

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Flood Alert Lifted & Shiplake Lock in all seasons!


Good news re the recent flood alert and a new opportunity to see over 20 photos of 'Shiplake Lock through the seasons' in 2015....winter snow and floods, spring arriving, summer boating, autumn leaves, Andy Feak (Lock keeper) on banjo and more. Photos are courtesy of John Downing MBE, winner of several British Photographer of the Year and other awards and now a volunteer you may bump into at the lock.

The photos are on the new Home page incorporating some of the new features; fading photo transitions with the ability to click on a photo, enlarge it and ability to click through the featured photos and returning to the gallery at your leisure. Simply click on the Home page icon if you are not there already....www.shiplakevillages.com ...centre column. 

 Many thanks to John and Mike Spooner for making this feature possible.

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Floods & potholes ...be aware & have them fixed!


It is the time of year to be prepared for any incidences of flooding and there are already potholes appearing in Station Road. We will be featuring 'live links' on the Home page of the website in the new year. In the meantime you can help yourself now by simply clicking on the links below:




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Shiplake Level Crossing Area - Flooding Issues Recognised


Flooding in Station Road has not so far been an issue this winter due to lower rainfall but also the 2014 maintenance work of SODC and Thames Water on the surface area drainage system. Following further pressure by the council (Geoff Thomas), Network Rail(NR) have now recognised that their drains beside the level crossing are blocked and failing. A summary of their recent survey can seen by clicking here. They anticipate  the situation later has now been rectified (updated 13/01/2016).

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Flooding: Progress with OCC and Thames Water



After much lobbying the parish council secured an on-site meeting with OCC and Thames Water engineers to discuss the serious flooding problem experienced in Station Road by the car park during last winter. As a result of this OCC identified that they needed to clear and re-line a root-blocked highway drainage pipe. They have now cleared it and checked that it is working to full capacity, and are next arranging to install the liner.

Also, Thames Water have finally acknowledged that the main problem - the foul drainage water that issues from the manhole in the middle of the road - is their responsibility. They will carry out a survey of the local area drainage network in order to identify the cause and then take remedial action. We shall monitor progress and intend to extend the scope to include the related problems similarly experienced in Bolney Road.

Finally, the parish council attended an OCC Flood Prevention Seminar on 31st October for an update on the latest flood prevention plans for the county. The OCC Emergency Unit are shortly to launch a model local flood emergency plan, which we shall take up when published. Meanwhile residents seeking to improve the flood resilience of their homes should refer to the National Flood Forum website www.nationalfloodforum.org.uk for a directory of flood protection products and services.

Geoff Thomas - Shiplake Parish Council

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Flooding Update


Shiplake Parish Council are currently in somewhat protracted communication with Thames Water(TW) and OCC to delineate responsibility for the key problems experienced during the recent flooding and subsequent heavy rainfall episodes, namely the issue of sewage effluent  and the drainage flooding of  Station Road on the level crossing approach section. 

It will interest residents so affected to learn that TW claim that previous to this year there was little history of sewer flooding in the area. We are in the process of correcting this misapprehension on their part, but it would be helpful to our cause if everyone remembers to REPORT ANY FUTURE INCIDENTS TO THE TW CUSTOMER CONTACT CENTRE on 0845 9200 800 as TW have undertaken to investigate each logged problem and build a history to justify future investment...and, yes, we are strongly encouraging them  to offer an 0800 contact number! 

We aim to secure resolution on these immediate issues as soon as possible, and will then turn to the development of a Flood Emergency Action Plan, once OCC, as the Lead Flood Authority, have issued guidelines for communities county-wide. You can follow progress on this issue via the villages’ website.

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Floods: What is the Parish Council doing?

Flooding in Mill Road - Feb 2014 


  1. The Parish Council has given detailed written input to OCC on the impact of the floods in Lower Shiplake; we should like to thank all those residents who have given us their feedback on this.
  2. We intend to develop a Flood Emergency Action Plan with the community - an issue which would undoubtedly have featured in the recent SVP if the timing had been different! - based on the recommendations that will be published by OCC following the Flood Summit. So please watch this space…
  3. We are taking up with Thames Water all the problems experienced with sewage and drain flooding in the village, seeking their full explanation for their failure of pumping capability and service response. We will request to know their plans to rectify the position and to take account of such expected extreme conditions in future.
  4. We have written to SODC Planning to highlight the problem areas experienced resulting from the floods in Lower Shiplake and to request them to take this into full account when considering future property development applications in the area, as we will do.

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Recent Flooding: Review & Actions

Shiplake Lock Feb 2014 

A Flood Forum held by OCC, as the lead flood emergency body for the county, was attended on 1/3/14 by Geoff Thomas. It was hosted by the lead agencies: OCC, Environment Agency, DEFRA and the District Councils and attended by some 200 Town and Parish councillors. The purpose of the forum was to enable  communities to explain the impact of the recent floods and to gather “bottom up” feedback on improving flood prevention and responses in Oxfordshire, providing input to a strategic Flood Summit of the lead agencies and utilities due to be held on 21st March.

The overview from OCC was there was both good news:  

the multi-agency partnership had worked well across the county and cited the fact that , whereas in 2007 some 3,000 properties had been flooded, this time the figure had been reduced to just 168;

and bad news:   

having experienced floods in 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2014 we could expect this trend to continue.

The view from the communities was that the response on the ground had been largely good from the agencies e.g. in terms of improved EA information and warnings, though some of the (late night) timings had been unhelpful, and in terms of District Council’s sandbag distribution, albeit communication had been somewhat patchy at times. The response had been unsatisfactory from the utilities, namely Thames Water (hugely so as regards sewage) and SSE (where power cuts had been suffered).  Overall the response was seen as reactive, communications as uncoordinated, and there was need for a comprehensive, coordinated plan.

The utilities came in for a ‘lot of stick’ across the county and the key message for improvement was that Thames Water had failed totally in their responsibility for sewage. OCC undertook to take Thames Water to task on this at the Flood Summit. As a point of information it was conceded that Thames Water have been generally exposed in terms of sewage/pumping capability and the impact of the exceptional rise in groundwater levels across the Thames Valley. Some communities had also been hit by long power cuts as a result of flooding of SSE sub-stations.

Besides the effect on communities OCC are conscious of the impact of the floods on businesses, road and rail infrastructure and the implications for new development across the county.

Following the Flood Summit OCC aim to produce a Flood Risk Management Strategic Plan for the county, which will include amongst other things guidance for communities on measures to take in terms of:

-community resilience: local emergency plans and action groups

-property resilience: actions householders can take to protect their homes. 

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