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About me and what I do

LysetteMy name is Lysette Offley, founder of Sounds Positive, author of Pass Exams Easily and creator of Genius Material, and I teach Advanced Thinking for ultimate success. For 30 years, I’ve helped thousands of people, from children and teenagers to professionals in business, to use their brains for better results.

I’m a strategist, therapist, educator, writer, speaker and presenter.

Life is full of up and downs, but there’s not much in life that can’t be improved by stepping back from it and designing and implementing a new plan, and well… doing something different. I call this Advanced Thinking, and by using a whole host of effective methodologies, I’ve helped my clients achieve phenomenal results in every area of their lives.

While Advanced Thinking works across the board, my specialisms include personal success for high-profile, ‘A’ List celebrities and also guaranteed exam success for young people and professionals.

I will be contributing regular articles to this section.  

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What makes you stronger when you break it?

Ever wondered why, despite your best efforts, you just can’t rid yourself of the habits you want to change?

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Are your teenagers feeling nervous about impending exams?

It’s understandable and perfectly natural to experience some anxiety about exams, and unpleasant as it feels, it can serve as a motivator, to get you to do your revision!

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Article created / last edited: 6 March 2015

How Advanced Thinking can positively impact the quality of life


Teenager with M.E.

Jamie (18) had Glandular Fever, which turned into M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) – a debilitating disease characterised by muscle pain with intense physical or mental exhaustion, and cognitive disabilities. He couldn’t get out of bed, let alone go to school.  But within a couple of weeks, I’d helped him let go of the M.E., taught him how to organise himself and study effectively, so that he went back to school, caught up with the work he’d missed, passed his exams easily and went to his first choice university.

‘A’ List Celebrity Nerves

Another example is a successful and popular TV presenter. You’d recognise him if you saw him. Of course I honour my clients’ confidentially, so let’s call him Pete. But you wouldn’t guess that underneath that confident exterior was a terrified little boy. Every day he suffered. On the one hand, he craved the attention and applause that performing gave him, but on the other, he feared messing up and ‘not being good enough’. With some Advanced Thinking he quickly got to the bottom of what was driving both behaviours and transformed it. Now, rather than suffering it, Pete is free to enjoy his presenting as much as we do.

People Like You And Me
Changing the way you use your brain is useful beyond passing exams. Many people have specific responses and behaviours they want to change. I’ve helped clients all over the world, for example:

  • John, letting go of his fears of flying and claustrophobia, to travel to China, breezing through the experience of being stuck in a lift while there
  • Penny, releasing her fear of heights, to do an abseil for charity
  • Vinny, in San Diego, conquering his fear of public speaking, freeing him up to present to large audiences
  • Philippa, eradicating her generalised anxiety
  • Aidan, in Adelaide, no longer dependent on alcohol
  • Chris, beating stress at work
  • Emma no longer having panic attacks
  • Aaliyah, in Abu Dhabi, quitting online gambling
  • Anna, finding a more effective away of communicating with her children and their friends…

I’m not saying you should use Advanced Thinking, but from my experience, when my clients start using it, they begin to get the results they want.

Article created / last edited: 13 February 2014