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Shiplake Butchers

Keith Whiting and his son

Traditional Beef, Local Pork & Lamb

Fresh Poulty, Game & Venison

Homemade Sausages, Beefburgers & Kebabs

Shiplake Butcher

Northfield Rd, Lower Shiplake
0118 940 2728
For details of opening hours
during the Covid emergency see here.

To all my customers ....


.... I would like to thank you for your support during these challenging times. I am trying to accommodate you all with all of my products and I will do my best to make sure you get what you ordered. We will still be trading in the future so stocks will be hopefully up to normal. I would like to say to Mark and Carol a massive thank you and to the lovely Sue a big thanks and a what a great girl Ellen has been; to my other helpes a big thanks. Wishing Kevin and Kate and family at Baskerville lots of love in very difficult times.

Article created / last edited: 6 April 2020

Community Champion & Henley Superstar

Keith Whiting - Community Champion 

Chosen by the public in a closely fought category in the 2020 Henley Herald Community Champion Awards, our very own Keith Whiting came away victorious for his contribution to the community at Christmas.

On Christmas Day, Keith cooks a festive meal at the Christ Church Centre for those who otherwise wouldn’t have one. “What you do for people is really important,” he said as he accepted his award. “You have to give a little bit back to society. It’s very, very important. The thing is, for me, it doesn’t matter how knackered I am, serving someone else who is going to be on their own on Christmas Day is very, very important.”

For full details of the awards see here on the Henley Herald website

Article created / last edited: 14 February 2020