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Shiplake Parish Council

Our Parish Council should consist of nine councillors elected every four years to represent a population of approximately 1,400 electors. The Councillors elect their Chairman and Vice Chairman annually in May.

Parish Council Responsibilities

The Council funds and maintains:- 

  • The children’s playground in Badgers Walk and the playground in the Memorial Hall playing field
  • Four bus shelters and various benches in the village
  • Field Gates on the A4155
  • Shiplake War Memorial 

In addition, Councillors monitor the operation of all the streetlights throughout the village and the condition of street signs and roads, reporting problems to the appropriate authorities. Other Activities include having a representative on the Memorial Hall Board and the Board of Governors of Shiplake Primary School, as well as on the Townlands Hospital Steering Group. The Council monitors the state of footpaths, bridle-ways and rights of way within the Parish on behalf of Oxford County Council’s Highway Authority. The Council considers all local planning applications and submits its comments on these to the Planning Authority, South Oxfordshire District Council, (SODC), who make the final decisions. The Council also has right of representation on structural plan proposals. The Council funds and has representation on the groups responsible for the Parish Council website, the Shiplake Newsletter and Shiplake Villages Plan. 

3 Significant Events in 1 Day- Saturday 19th May


Yes, a Royal Wedding later in the day but before then, the Shiplake Corner Shop will be hosting a SPRING TASTING MORNING for their locally sourced goods, at the same time as the 'GRAND OPENING DAY' for THE TELPHONE BOX BOOK EXCHANGE. Tudor Taylor, Chair of Parish Council, will be 'cutting the tape' at around 10am. Importantly,  BRING A BOOK FOR A FREE COFFEE.

Many thanks to everyone who has already contributed books. A special thanks to Mike Spooner, Mike Moody, Bob Hudgell for their renovation skills and Helen Woods-Ballard, Pam Hudgell and Jan Moody for bringing this new feature to Shiplake - A Book Exchange for all ages.

There have been very much appreciated, 'free of charge', materials supplied by Mike Medlock, Gibbs & Dandy and Just Tiles. Also, lots of support and encouragement from Mark and Carol Harvey, including use of their electricity supply during the renovation.

The parish council has been only too pleased make the box avalable and fund the renovation. Ultimately, the biggest thanks are to afore mentioned vounteers that made this initiative possible.

David Pheasant on behalf of Shiplake Parish Council.  

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The Telephone Box by the Corner shop is being restored for use as a Book Exchange. 

We are appealing for any books in good condition that you are happy to donate. 

Please leave them at 8, Manor Wood Gate, off Northfield Avenue by 1st May.

Books for all ages are required but no Reference Books.

More details coming soon

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Shiplake Parish Council Vacancies


Vacancies have arisen for 2 parish councillors. Are you interested? If, yes, we would love to hear from you. Simply click here to find out how to get involved in shaping the future of the villages.

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Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting - 24th May


The meeting takes place on Wednesday 24th at the Memorial Hall at 19.45 - Your chance to let us know your views!

Do put this date in your diary and come along to get an update on what's been happening in the villages of Lower Shiplake and Shiplake Cross over the past year. We will be given an update on the Neighbourhood Plan from Peter Boros and the Steering Group. I will also give an update on the position with Thames Farm and other planning matters as the villages continue to receive a welter of planning applications.

It is a great opportunity to find out what's going on and to put questions to your council and to contribute to the development of the villages.

See you there!

Tudor (Taylor) Chairman Shiplake Parish Council

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2 Diary Dates to Note & a Questionnaire to Complete


A brief reminder of the SODC decision on the Thames Farm Barn Planning application on Wednesday evening 17th May at 6pm in Didcot...if you can be there supporting our speakers it would be appreciated enormously. Perhaps some residents can car share? If you make contact via feedback@shiplakevillages.com we will help in coordinating things if we can.

Another Shiplake Tasting Day this coming Saturday (20th) from 9am to 12:30pm at the Corner Shop. Come and sample the shop's and the butcher's wide variety of offerings The Baskerville will be there along with the Soap Garden, lots of plants for sale and the new owners of the Plowden.

The Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire will be with you next week...Your Opportunity to Shape the Future of Shiplake.   

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Important Elections & Neighbourhood Plan Survey


Important dates for your calendars! County Council Election on Thursday 4th May & General Election on Thursday June 8th. Click on the link above for more details on Oxfordshire's elections. There are important decisions to make and for the General Election, the national media will no doubt provide us with all the information and comment we might need. 

Nearer to home, however, we also have very important decisions to make! What do we want Shiplake X and Lower Shiplake to look and feel like? Rural green belt or the urbanising impact of speculative development? What housing do we want? What impact will changes have on our local schools? What services and commerce are important to us? 

The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Steering Group is working hard on developing the plan for the future and very soon we need your views on what it should be. An update will be provided at the Shiplake Annual Parish Meeting(APM) on Wed. 24th May at 7:30pm. and late May/early June a questionnaire will be distributed to all households.


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New Role for Redundant Red Telephone Box


Many thanks for all the constructive ideas for a use for the red telephone box. It is iconic and the the parish council agreed, at its January council meeting, to request it is retained and make provision for  repainting and its general maintenance. We look forward to discussing its use based on the suggestions from residents. We will in contact once the adoption is formalised.

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Ideas for Redundant Red Telephone Box


As part of BT's plan to de-commission increasingly redundant public telephone boxes, the parish council has been asked for its views on the red 'heritage' phone box opposite the Corner Shop. The council would have to  adopt and maintain the box and there will not be any telephone service available. We could object to he removal of the service but it is very unlikely we could justify it from a usage perspective.

These red boxes have a certain charm and can be functional e.g. some villages have used them as small libraries. Residents may have innovative ideas to justify its retention. What ideas do you have? Please let us know via feedback@shiplakevillages.com or call the parish clerk on 07809 829628.

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John Howell Meeting @Memorial Hall 11:15am 16/12/16


Short notice but an important opportunity to meet with John Howell MP, who  is coming to Shiplake Memorial Hall for a meeting with residents. This meeting has had to be re-arranged a number of times but at last the date is fixed. It is 11.15am on Friday 16th December at the Memorial Hall. 

One of the themes that is pertinent to Shiplake, and will be raised, is the extent to which Shiplake is under attack from developers. The parish council is seeking continued support from John. At the same time we are seeking greater clarity from SODC on the status of many aspects of the new Local Plan and its housing number targets.

All residents are welcome with their views on issues of concern. 

Shiplake Parish Council

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Expert Knowledge?


Midst everybody getting on with their daily lives in the villages, we are often surprised at the amount of expert knowledge and talent of residents; botanists, mathematicians, musicians, legal eagles, management, technology, education, media, real estate and financial consultants, authors, artists ....

The parish tries to have knowledge and skills on the council which enable it to be most effective in meeting its responsibilities on behalf of the community. We do not always have all we need and it would be a BIG help to have access to relevant expert knowledge when we need it.  We appreciate people can be self conscious and modest about their expertise and may feel a little reticent in suggesting they are an 'expert'; they may be unlikely to put their own names forward. Perhaps partners and friends might recommend  people they know with a particular skill. We will always kindly ask anyone suggested  before their name is referenced or support asked for.

Could you help? Would you be willing to provide guidance when we might need it? If so, we would be delighted to hear from you by contacting Roger Hudson, Parish Clerk, via email: shiplakepc@hotmail.com or on 07809 829628.  We will naturally respect confidentiality requests with all contacts.

Shiplake Parish Council

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Local Councils Want Changes...and they are afoot!


Many people are puzzled about the difference between District Councils and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). At the most basic level, Districts empty your bins and do planning, whilst OCC does roads, social care and education . Why can't we have just one council? We could and they are referred to as Unitary Councils e.g Reading.

It could mean that we might feel rather less neglected in the southern most part of Oxfordshire and the general consensus appears to be in favour of unitary councils. The proposed form of unitary council(s) in Oxfordshire is the key question? County and District councils disagree and boring as it may seeem to be, the outcome will affect us...you might like to read Cllr David Bartholomew's (OCC) recent views on the the current debate.

You can also learn more by looking at a couple of articles in the Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils' (OALC) April 2016 Newsletter. Click here to access the newsletter and go to pages 4 & 5 and pages 9 to 11; OALC's position is neutral in this matter and has been asked for its views.   

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20 mph Speed Limit Update


Click the link here to get a comprehensive update from Parish Council Chairman on 20 mph speed limit recommendations...

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20 mph Speed Limit Forum Response


Further to the recent update from Tudor Taylor (SPC Chairman) on the 20mph speed limit proposals, there have been a couple of responses via the website's feedback facility. Tudor has now posted a Forum* entry on the website and is happy to receive any further feeback via the Forum.

*Shortly the Forum will be available with significant improvements, which we hope you like and take advantage of. It will be another step forward in improving communications within the community.

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Parish & District Council Elections


The Parish Council has previously notified residents of the parish and district council elections taking place at the same time as the General Election on 7th May. The date for accepting nominations for parish council elections has been moved forward to 25th March to allow candidates more time to submit nomination papers, the deadline for which is 4pm on 9th April 2015.  Notices of the parish elections will be displayed on the main notice board in the parish, which we are supplementing by posting the notifices on the website and via notifications to registered users of the council section of the website.  The details of these notifications can be viewed by clicking on election of councillors for parishes and/or election of councillors for SODC wards.  For any further information please contact Roger Hudson, the Parish Clerk at: shiplakepc@hotmail.com 

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Update on Parish Council's 20 mph recommendation to OCC


After considerable debate at the parish council meeting on 9th March 2105, the result of the vote on the motion to support the introduction of a 20mph speed limit in Lower Shiplake and Shiplake Cross was: 3 councillors in favour, 3 against and the motion being carried by the Chairman's casting vote. There were 2 absentees. Click here to see the council's recommendation as forwarded to Oxfordshire CC. OCC will now take it into consideration, alongside the responses  received during the consultation period, before making their decision. The council, again, thanks those residents who attended the meeting and contributed strongly to both sides of the debate.

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20 mph Speed Limit - Clarification


This proposal has arisen as a result of the Shiplake Villages Plan (see page 19) and is not something being imposed on the village by Oxfordshire County Council or Shiplake Parish Council. The results of the consultation will be discussed at Shiplake Parish Council on Monday 9th March. Anyone in the parish can attend. The proposal requires the support of Shiplake Parish Council. Click here to see attached note providing more background. 

David Bartholomew - OCC Councillor

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Do you want to be a Parish Councillor?


The next Parish Council elections for Shiplake will be combined with the General Election on Thursday 7th May 2015.  By standing as a Parish Councillor candidate, you could have an opportunity to make a real difference to the community. Shiplake Council nominally has 9 councillors of which 7 will be standing for re-election. The Parish Council's responsibilities and backgrounds of the current councillors are detailed on the website.

As well as Councillors working together as a team, they participate in the Planning and Finance Working Groups and/or represent/liaise on behalf of the Council with the Memorial Hall Trust, the Primary School, the Shiplake Village Plan Steering Group, the website team and other initiatives.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month (at 7.45pm at the Memorial Hall) and generally last no more than two hours.  The AGM takes place every May.  Every meeting is a public meeting with an opportunity for parishioners to raise concerns or ask questions in Parishioners’ Open Forum during the meeting.  Councillors are given support in performing their duties by various local governement related organisations. 

To become a Councillor you must be over 18 and a British national or qualifying citizen of the Commonwealth or the European Community.  To stand for an election of Shiplake Parish Council you must be an elector of the parish or; for the whole of the previous 12 months have occupied (as owner or tenant) land or other premises in the parish, or; during the previous 12 months have worked in the parish (as your principal or only place of work), or; for the whole of the previous 12 months lived in the parish or within three miles of the parish boundary.

Being a Councillor is a rewarding role that provides a great sense of achievement.  If you would like more information please get in contact with our Clerk, Roger Hudson at shiplakepc@hotmail.com

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20 mph Traffic Order Consultation


There has been considerable debate on the proposed order to introduce a 20mph speed limit (in place of current 30mph) in most of the roads in Shiplake and Shiplake Cross. Details can be viewed by clicking on the Notice here and/or click on the map representation here

The matter will be discussed at the parish council meeting on Monday 9th March. Should anyone wish to  give their views, they can do so via the 'Ask a Councillor' section of this website or perhaps during the Open Forum session of the council meeting. Formal objections to the proposals and other representations specifying the grounds on which they are made may be sent in writing to the address below by the 6 March 2015. The Council (OCC) will consider objections and representations received in response to this Notice. 

Traffic Regulation Team (Ref:CM/12.6.341) on behalf of the Director for Environment and Economy, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford, OX1 1NE.

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Experimental Traffic Regulation Order Approved


In March OCC formally approved the experimental parking regulations for Station Road and Mill Road. It has also agreed to carry out a further formal consultation on proposed minor additions to the current parking restrictions at the top of Station Road. Details of the approved current scheme, a summary of responses in the consultation process and the additional proposed minor additions can be viewed by clicking on:

Approved Parking Scheme & Proposed Extensions

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