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Shiplake Station Interest Group

This group maintains the gardens at the station.  It is also interested in researching and publicising the history of the station.

New Initiative to Publicise History of Shiplake Station


Following discussions GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY have generously provided specially designed noticeboards to show researched information about the history of our station. Shiplake Station Interest Group now have the opportunity to display relevant material.

We hope to change the display on a regular basis and welcome input from interested parties.

Note that previously the now defunct Garden Club maintained the gardens at the station. The Shiplake Station Interest Group will research and publicise the history of the station as well as continuing to look after the gardens.

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Bowler Hat Brigade

Update October 2017

Pathe News item from 1969

A local resident thinks that the 2 men planting the small flower bed are Michael Savory and his father, who lived at Lock End.  Michael went on to become the Lord Mayor of London. Does anyone recognise any of the others?

Sir Michael Savory has updated us about one of the other people in the film

"The young man tying the rose bush to the Shiplake station sign was Robert Owen. He later became Sir Robert Owen a judge in the High Court of England and Wales. Amongst his judicial activities he conducted a review in 2016 of the death of Alexander Litvinenko.

So the film shows 'Two Gardening knights' of Shiplake!"

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Shiplake Station Gardens

  • Summer Colour
  • The Team
  • Starting Work
  • The Old Station
  • Spring Colour

Members of the Shiplake Station Interes Group maintain the gardens on the platform of Shiplake station

Article created / last edited: 4 October 2017