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Housing & Development

Although having a relatively high population density for South Oxfordshire and experiencing some significant housing development in the past  30 years, the villages of Shiplake have retained the much valued charistics of being both peaceful and rural. Albeit over subscribed, the benefit of good education at the highly rated local primary schools is a significant asset to the parish. The SODC Core Strategy for housing recognises that Shiplake does not have the infrastructure to sustain significant additional  development. There are, however, threats to the villages from housing developers and proposals within the Harpsden and Henley Neighbourhood Plan. The SVP report includes Action Plans to protect the expressed views of the residents of Shiplake be much improved.....follow progress through this section of the website 

SOHA...Good News Update


It is always good to have positive news on a Friday....it  seems that the parish council's (PC) lobbying has paid off...SOHA have shared their provisional plans for the Sydney Harrison site (attached - see below) with PC representatives.
There will be 5 one bedroom flats and 7 two bedroom flats over 3 floors for SOHA residents. The community room will be available for community use and will be bigger than the existing room - great news!
The estimated timetable is for the formal applications to be submitted in about 6 weeks; planning consideration to take about 3 months and, if approved, for the work to start early Autumn with completion (guessing) in Spring of next year.
The scheme is being funded by the development of four semi-detached five bedroom dwellings, two sharing a garage block and two having individual garages. The houses will follow the existing street pattern which is semi-detached. Two new exits on to Mill Rd will be needed for these houses. The PC planning group will need to review the full plans when they are submitted but it is felt the community will very much welcome this update.
Click here for Site Plan and here for outline layout for SOHA residents & Community Room 
Tudor Taylor & Geof Thomas - Shiplake Parish Council

Article created / last edited: 19 February 2016

Housing & Development - SVP Plans


Access the SVP Housing & Development section of the report by clicking on the link below:

Housing & Development

More information on Action Plans outlining how residents' interests are best represented are contained in the SVP Report and can accessed by clicking on the link below:

Housing & Development Action Plans 

All Action Plans and Quarterly Updates are provided in the SVP Action Plans & Updates Section of the website

Article created / last edited: 10 March 2014

Joint Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan


Joint Henley & Harpsden Neighbourhood Plan (JHHNP)

Given the inclusion of three proposed development sites immediately on our Parish Boundaries within the current JHHNP consultation process, namely Thames Farm, Mt. Ida and the Wyevale Garden Centre, the Parish Council has made clear to the JHHNP project team and their consultants, Nexus, the unsuitability of these sites for development. Development of these sites would be contrary to SODC’s recently adopted Core Strategy, as highlighted by the unanimous rejection by the SODC Planning Committee, of the planning application for more than 100 houses at Thames Farm on 30th of October 2013. As clearly shown in the recent SVP survey and report, the impact of such housing developments on our boundaries would be untenable and against the significant majority of Shiplake residents’ wishes. We are currently awaiting the JHHNP response.

Geoff Thomas – Shiplake Planning Working Group

Article created / last edited: 7 February 2014

New Parish Boundaries


New Parish Boundaries?

This question has arisen because SODC conducts a periodic review of parish boundaries as part of a Community Governance Review and asked us for our views.  The main purpose of the process is to align parish boundaries and housing in the most meaningful manner.

There are a number of houses on the edge of the villages e.g. in Bolney Road and Northfield Avenue that are very much part of Shiplake in terms of access and facilities but are in Harpsden Parish; these residents were included and accounted for in the SVP surveys and subsequent recent report. Similarly, there are also a significant number of houses in Woodlands Road, which are currently in the Parish of Shiplake, whilst others reside in Harpsden Parish.

 Shiplake Parish Council responded to SODC, submitting what it believes to be a considered and logical request for changes in the parish boundaries to take account of these considerations i.e. that Shiplake Parish be extended to include the whole of Bolney Road and Northfield Avenue, with Bolney Lane thence as the boundary running up to the junction with the A4155 and continuing towards Woodlands Road.  Harpsden Parish Council appear sympathetic to some of our requests but not all and the Parish Council has responded to SODC taking account of their viewpoint.

In order that we have some indication of the level of support for our proposals, we have conducted a simple, hand delivered survey to gather the views of affected householders. 24 out of 32 households responding to the survey (over 60 delivered) were in favour of the requested boundary changes. The majority of those in favour are residents of Bolney Road and Northfield Avenue.

In the survey we emphasised that a process of formal consultation would be undertaken by SODC, with all interested parties able to express their views openly and fully before any final decisions are reached. This assumes, of course, that SODC agree in whole or part with our proposals. SODC’s recommendations and any subsequent consultations should be made and occur in the Spring of this year.

Geoff Thomas – Shiplake Planning Working Group

Article created / last edited: 7 February 2014