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Paths & Cycleways

Having a cycleway to Henley from Shiplake has been a strong desire by many in the villages; the key questions have been which route is best, what is practicable and how would it be paid for?

The future?

Similarly, would it be possible to link to Wargrave by a cycle way over the river? There are also the issues felt by many that pathways in and between the villages could be much improved.

An SVP volunteer team looked at the possibilities and produced Action Plans to try to achieve these significant objectives have been proposed.....follow progress through this section of the website and volunteer to help by emailing svpvolunteer@shiplakevillages.com

Paths & Cycleways


Access the SVP Paths & Cycleway section of the report by clicking on the link below:

Paths & Cycleways

More information on Action Plans to  make cycleways to Henley and perhaps wargrave possible are contained in the SVP Report and can accessed by clicking on the link below:

Paths & Cycleways Action Plans 

All Action Plans and Quarterly Updates are provided in the SVP Action Plans & Updates Section of the website

Article created / last edited: 10 March 2014