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SVP Plans for addressing Parking & Traffic Flow

Police notice


Many residents complain of inconsiderate parking. They regret the need for any parking controls but the majority agree that the new parking restrictions have helped.

Highways Safety Issues Update - 25/01/17


The Shiplake Villages Plan addressed aspects of road safety within the villages and the council has since continued to respond to residents' feedback on specific concerns. Consultations with OCC on what are considered 'low priority' highways matters takes time. The outcome of these consultations on 13 suggestions/issues can viewed by clicking here.

The information will be taken into account during the neighbourhood planning process.

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20 mph Speed Limit effective 5th March 2016


The effect of the traffic order, which comes into force on 5 March 2016, is to introduce a 20mph speed limit (in place of 30mph) in the following roads in Shiplake and Lower Shiplake:

Click here to see the details of roads affected.

Click here to see details of the OCC Traffic Order authorised on 29th February 2016.

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Implementation of 20 mph speed limit


Please be aware that OCC Highways have notified the council that the signage for the 20mph speed limit, throughout the villages, will start to be installed on Monday 15th February 2016. 

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Proposed 20mph Speed Limit- OCC Officer's Report


A copy of the OCC Highways Officer's Report including  details of road speeds assessed during the recent survey can be accessed by the following link:


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SVP Success in Moving Speed Camera


Users of the A4155 Reading/Henley will no doubt have noticed the speed camera has been moved from opposite the Plowden Arms to opposite the entrance to Shiplake College; many people also became aware via 'live' the twitter feed now displayed on the website's Home page.

Much more sensibly, the camera now faces towards Henley and is already having the desired effect of slowing traffic entering and leaving the villages. Is it operational?...yes, power was switched on last week!

Enormous thanks to Shiplake College's Gregg Davies , David Greer , Neil Walne and Richard Curtis (SVP Steering Group)  and our OCC Councillor, David Bartholomew, for making this change happen; providing the new site and ongoing power supply, coordinating meetings and approvals with local and police authorities....basically ensuring all obstacles to change were overcome.

Many thanks to the parish council, police and OCC Highways support and guidance....there is also much more to come from the SVP with its quarterly update at the end of September.

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Proposals for Parking & Traffic Calming


Access the SVP  Parking and Traffic Calming sections of the report by clicking on the links below:


Traffic Calming

More information on Action Plans to improve parking and traffic calming in the villages is contained in the SVP Report and can accessed by clicking on the links below:

Parking Action Plan

Traffic Calming Action Plan

All Action Plans and Quarterly Updates are provided in the SVP Action Plans & Updates Section of the website

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Experimental Parking Order

Experimantal Parking Restrictions July 2012 

Parking in Lower Shiplake - Proposed Experimental Order

The experimental parking plan has been in place since 2011.  Unlike a permanent order, an experimental order can only stay in force for a maximum of 18 months, whilst its impact is monitored and assessed (and changes made if necessary), before the OCC decides whether or not to continue it on a permanent basis. It is not possible to lodge a formal objection to an experimental traffic regulation order until it is in force. Once it is in force, objections may be made to the order being made permanent and these must be made within six months of the day that the experimental order comes into force.

OCC have recommended some small extensions to the current scheme, which the Parish Council agree with and await confirmation of enforcement by OCC's Highways Committee early in 2014.

Click  Experimental Parking Restrictions to see map of restrictions put in place July 2012


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