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Shiplake Bell Ringers

We are a nationally recognised Ringing Centre with extensive training facilities including a computer simulator and a dumbbell for initial teaching. We practice on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm and ring for Sunday morning services at 10.30 - 11am. Reading Area Young ringers regularly practice at Shiplake as do other ringing groups from Oxfordshire and surrounding counties.

Contacts: Tower Captain - Cyril Crouch 0118 940 2704
               Ringing Master - Bob Partridge 0118 940 1907

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Ringing is an enthralling team activity and a good way to make new friends, take a look at this video:

Owen William Porter remembered

The original notice, now displayed
on the wall of the Church tower 

Owen William Porter (1870—1955) lived at the PIowden Arms, Shiplake, then called the PIough Hotel, for all his long life; taking over as Landlord after the death of his mother, who ran the hotel before him.

A man of many interests, one of them being a writer of poetry, his main hobby was Church Bell Ringing. He was a member of the Ancient Society of College Youths and Captain of the Shiplake Tower for many years.

In his early days of ringing the only entrance to the tower was through the Church. Now several of the ringers worked on the land and being obliged to do some work on Sunday with cattle etc, they made time to go ringing but left church before morning service started in order to return to work.

The Vicar disapproved of this action although they stayed for evening service. Confrontation broke out between Vicar and ringers with the ringers going on strike.

O. W. P., as he was affectionately known, wrote to the Bishop of Oxford. The Church Wardens must have held a meeting, as an architect was engaged to design a doorway into the tower from the church yard with an oak door. A mason was employed to make the opening and carry out the stone and flint work. Mr Porter, being a skilled carpenter, made the door which is still in use.

Peace returned to the tower and ringing has taken place since then except for a short period during the Second World War.

This door could be his fitting memorial.

(Written in August 1987 by another member of the College Youths, who became his son-in-law).

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Remembrance on November 11th


Shiplake bells will be rung on Sunday November 11th, half muffled, at 10.20 before the morning service.

Church bells across the UK are being rung at 12.30 to mark the 100 years since the ending of WW1.

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Ringing Remembers

To make local contact:- email Shiplakebellringers@ btinternet.com or phone 0118 940 2704.

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Bellringing Demos and Taster Morning


This event took place at Shiplake Church on Sat 11th November  from 10am to 12noon. If you missed the event and would like know more, then come along on Tuesday evenings between 19.30 and 21.00 to our regular “Come and Learn to Ring Tower Bells” sessions at Shiplake Church .

For more information contact Cyril Crouch or Bob Partridge on the numbers above.

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Church Bells rang to mark the Queen's Birthday


Shiplake bells rang out for 2 hours and 50 minutes the afternoon of April 21st as a band from the Oxford Diocesan Guild rang a full peal of 5090 changes of 90th Birthday Surprise Major to celebrate the Queen's Birthday.

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Shiplake Needs More Bell Ringers


Shiplake ChurchLearn to Ring Bells at Shiplake Church Ringing Centre. We are recruiting new ringers. Anyone who is 9 to 90 and has a will to learn We practise on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9pm and ring for Sunday morning services at 10.30 - 11am We will give you a "taster session" by arrangement.

More information here.

Contact the Tower Captain - Cyril Crouch 0118 940 2704

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