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COVID-19 Local co-ordination arrangements

Congratulations to Carol and others for having got coordination efforts off the ground so quickly, and for every offer of neighbourly support that has been made. A coordination team consisting of members of the Parish Council and community volunteers is now in place and a network of volunteers is largely in place. 

We will use this website to record the coordination arrangements in place, to provide information about local suppliers and services, and to relay advice from Government and other expert agencies. An initial COVID-19 webpage will be published shortly and the website will evolve over the next few days.  

Please bear with us while we get this underway. In the meantime we are happy to get your feedback either by response to this forum entry or by email to covid-19@shiplakevillages.com. 


Joanne Stone (Shiplake PC),   Gareth Jones (Community Volunteer)

Posted by: Webmaster | 22/03/2020 5:39 pm

We now have a new section on the website and a new Facebook page both dealing specifically with Coronavirus. You can find more details by clicking the Corvid-19 buttons on the front page and at the top of every other page. Our thanks to all involved in pulling it together - especially Joanne and Kate for their work in getting the local volunteer force organised so quickly. We welcome your feedback as to how we can make them more useful to all. Email covid-19@shiplakevillages.com.

Posted by: Webmaster | 25/03/2020 5:02 pm

Hello Edward, We are looking into this and will update you all as soon as we know. In the meantime, if you need help, you can rely upon our Shiplake volunteer network. We have a group of nearly 70 volunteers who are working to assist those who need help. We will be updating this website this morning with area contacts who you can contact direct, but pending this information going up please email me on kateaoldridge@gmail.com and I will direct you to your area contact who will assist. Kate

Posted by: Kate Oldridge | 25/03/2020 10:06 am

The Tesco delivery and click and collect seems to have come off the rails. Click and collect is 3 weeks. Does anyone know if there is a priority route for those confined to barracks?

Posted by: Edward P Harding | 25/03/2020 9:52 am

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You are here:    Forum - Covid-19 - COVID-19 Local co-ordination arrangements