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Memorial avenue parking

i have noticed cars have started Parking in Memorial Avenue, very close to the exit of the Memorial Hall. This seriously impedes clear sight of oncoming traffic from the direction of the primary school. I had a very near miss earlier this week and nearly collided with a van driving quite fast down the road which I could not see. I believe these cars belong to pupils at Shiplake College.

Can something be done about this situation before there is a serious accident? I have been in contact with the College. If anyone else is concerned about this they may wish to do the same.


Posted by: Liz james | 12/06/2019 4:35 pm

I have also had difficulty coming out the Memorial Hall car park because of the cars parked near the exit. They are Shiplake College students' cars and they also park along Plough Lane (by the bus stops) and Orchard Close. They have taken over 6 parking spaces in the Church Rooms plus all along Church Lane - you can see signs with car registrations written on them. I know two people have phoned the college to complain and were told that they should phone the police if they have a problem with it

Posted by: angela jones | 13/06/2019 8:27 am

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You are here:    Forum - Issues & Concerns - Memorial avenue parking